AutoScreenRecorder Pro 5.0.617

Screen Capture and Sound Recorder

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    AutoScreenRecorder Pro 5.0.617

    AutoScreenRecorder 5 can record everything on your screen in its original quality with no loss. It saves to unlimited AVI files. It bundles with a lossless codec with zero loss compression. With a newlly designed user interface, AutoScreenRecorder 5 brings high-quality recording to you with ease.

    AutoScreenRecorder Pro 5.0.617

    What Makes AutoScreenRecorder Different?

    Unlimited AVI File Size
    Video files saved as AVI2 format with no size limit.

    Highest Video Quality
    Wisdom-Soft Lossless Codec is bundled to record with zero loss of image quality!

    Only Record Changes
    It can only record changes on the screen that will make the AVI file a whole lot smaller.

    Webcam, Anywhere
    Access your webcam anytime, anywhere, so you can customize your recording the way you want.

    Unique User Inferface
    A new easy-to-use user interface, on par with ScreenHunter 7.

    Record Everything
    AutoScreenRecorder records large cursors, minimized or covered windows, runs scheduled tasks, and more...

    Size: 111MB

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