Complete Remote Sensing Image Analysis with ENVI Software - 11.3GB

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    Complete Remote Sensing Image Analysis with ENVI Software

    Learn basic to advanced remote sensing image processing, spatial analysis, and GIS techniques using ENVI software

    Complete Remote Sensing Image Analysis with ENVI Software

    What you'll learn?

    Use ENVI software for a variety of image processing techniques
    Understand basic tools in ENVI
    Radiometric Calibration
    Multiple Atmospheric Correction Techniques
    Classification of Images
    Downloading Satellite Data
    Import and export images
    Vegetation Indices
    How to apply band ratios and algorithms to your image
    Image Registration
    Hyperspectral Data Analysis
    GDAL and Basemaps
    Mosaic images
    Anomaly Detection
    Pansharpen Satellite Images

    Have a basic knowledge and understanding of remote sensing principles
    Have access to ENVI software

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    Are you currently enrolled in my Fundamentals of Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis course and want to take your remote sensing knowledge to the next level?

    Are you already familiar with the field of remote sensing and want to learn how to process images?

    The next step for you is to gain proficiency in remote sensing data analysis using ENVI software!

    Go from zero to hero in remote sensing satellite image processing!

    My course provides a complete foundation to carry out practical and real life remote sensing image analysis processes using ENVI software. ENVI is the most widely used remote sensing and image analysis program within Industry and Research. In this course you will be using  actual images and data from Landsat 8 and other popular satellites to give you hands on experience in image processing techniques. First we will go over the basic tools in ENVI and learn how to navigate the software. Then we will dive into and learn step by step the fundamental techniques in satellite remote sensing image processing such as:
    • image mosaicing
    • radiometric calibration
    • multiple atmospheric correction techniques (Fast Line of Sight Atmospheric Analysis of Hypercubes and Dark Object Subtraction)
    • supervised and unsupervised classification
    • vegetation indies
    • band ratios
    • and many more! Additional satellite images and data will be provided so that you can practice these techniques on your own. I will also provide you with additional resources that you can download and use in your future remote sensing career! We will also go over on how to locate and download FREE remote sensing satellite images!
    Once you have learned the basics of ENVI we will go into intermediate and advanced ENVI remote sensing processes such as:
    • hyperspectral data analysis
    • image registration
    • anomaly detection
    • creating a burn index map
    • mineral mapping from hyperspectral images
    • spectral angle mapper
    • time series analysis
    • pansharpening and much more!
    I hope that you ENROLL NOW and learn the remote sensing software that industry and research positions require! Start your remote sensing career here and learn the basics of remote sensing image analysis using ENVI software! Who this course is for:
    • Anyone interested in learning how to process remote sensing satellite imagery in ENVI
    • Anyone wanting to learn how to use ENVI software
    Size: 11.3GB

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