Hands-On Geospatial Analysis with R and QGIS 3.4 [Video] [2019, ENG] - 568MB

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    Hands-On Geospatial Analysis with R and QGIS 3.4 [Video] [2019, ENG]

    Year of issue: 2019
    Manufacturer: packt
    Manufacturer website: packtpub.com
    Author: Jane Wang
    Duration: 2:11:00
    Handout Type: Video Tutorial
    English language

    Описание: Создавайте профессиональные и интерактивные геопространственные и картографические проекты, используя передовые технологии с открытым исходным кодом.
    Create professional and interactive geospatial and cartographic projects using an advanced free and open-source technology.

    Integrating geospatial data science and traditional cartographic methods is in demand for modern geospatial analysts. In an age of flourishing data products, having a working proficiency with QGIS and R is an added advantage to every analyst.

    This course introduces you to the full workflow, ranging from acquiring data, data wrangling, and analysis to outputting and publishing visualization products. We touch on a variety of datasets (including remote-sensing data and techniques) and incorporate machine learning in QGIS analytical steps. We further investigate geospatial analysis using the most up-to-date R packages, such as ggplot2, raster, sf, Leaflet, and Shiny.

    By the end of the course, you will be able to produce interactive maps and professional cartographic products, deploy them as a Shiny application, and critique a variety of end-results.
    The code bundle for this video course is available at - https://github.com/PacktPublishing/H...R-and-QGIS-3.4

    Hands-On Geospatial Analysis with R and QGIS 3.4

    Size: 568MB

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