PolyCloth 2.0 for 3dsmax 2016-2021

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    PolyCloth 2.0 for 3dsmax 2016-2021

    Thanks for x56d001 (CGpersia user) and his misterious hiden post from november/2020)
    (Reuploaded, because Moderator erased the previous post by mistake)

    PolyCloth V2 is a multi-threaded & C++, physics based cloth brushes plugin for 3dsMax developed by PolyDesign.

    Physics based PolyCloth allows you to:
    Add wrinkles and folds to your meshes with a powerful brush.
    Move your mesh like a cloth and simulate cloth behaviour
    Use shrink brush to pinch surface of cloth
    Use expand brush to increase surface area of cloth and add wrinkles
    Use smooth brush to smooth out wrinkles on cloth
    Quickly add cool cloth details in a few seconds
    And much more depending on the artist's creativity

    What's New in PolyCloth V2:

    Added new brushes.
    Slide brush
    Mask brush
    Blur mask brush
    Added Cloth strength parameter and improved cloth stretching behavior
    Added gravity option
    Added pressure option
    Added ground collision option
    Added directional expand feature to expand brush. Only expands the cloth in the direction of mouse movement. Increased shrink brush effect.
    Added masking system
    Use vertex colors as an initial mask.
    Added display mask option
    Change masking value. White makes the cloth movable and black makes it still.
    Added Mask blur strength slider.
    Significant performance improvements.
    Bug fixes.

    PolyCloth works with:
    3dsMax 2016
    3dsMax 2017
    3dsMax 2018
    3dsMax 2019
    3dsMax 2020
    3dsMax 2021

    Stay Creative.


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