Realbook 3.1 for Cinema 4D

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    Realbook 3.1 for Cinema 4D

    The Realbook 3 is a preset for Cinema 4D with which you can create your personalized and animatable 3D book in just a few steps.
    You can choose the size (including the thickness of the page), the number of pages, you can activate or not the hardcover, choose his thickness and much more.

    So you can assign the textures and with a few sliders you can open the book and animate it automatically. You can also choose to manually animate every single page.
    Other controls allow you to change the way the page moves, how it is laid when it is closed and open, and how all the pages are distributed over one another.

    Realbook 3.1 for Cinema 4D

    Main features

    Customizable dimensions
    Pages with tickness
    Quick System for Inserting and Deleting pages
    Multi-shader effect to add many texture with one gesture
    Realistic Random Distribution System
    Editable Torsion Force and Rotation for pages animation
    Parametric Hardcover
    Parametric Headband
    Fast Cover Textures System
    Bending Spine
    Automatic or manual pages animation
    Global Scale Function

    System requirements:
    Cinema 4D R23, S22, R21, R20, R19, R18, R17, R16

    Languages: English | File Size: 25.6 MB

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