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    Home office interior design

    Designing for top performance
    Home office interior design

    What you'll learn:
    How to design your home office to suit your specific work and emotional needs.

    Interest in interior design and architecture.


    A home office space is complete when it has two things:

    1. It has what you need to work

    2. It sets you in the best mood to do great work

    A great design fulfills both physical and emotional needs.

    A couple of things I am going to touch on are: that nature has an impact on our health improving recuperation time, that certain smells heighten our attention making us less likely to do mistakes, that our brains are particularly attuned to symmetry and making some furniture yourself is not just good for the environment but it's also good for your mental health.

    The class is composed of 3 chapters:

    "Fundamentals" which are about understanding: on one side yourself and the type of work that you do, and on the other, the space you are dealing with, and how the first influences the second

    In "Components", we will learn about the elements that make a great home office

    And in part 3 "Tying it all together" we will learn the guidelines according to which you will put the components together as well as see some examples of great office designs and will explain how you can do that too.

    Who this course is for

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