SysTools PDF Watermark Remover 4.0

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    SysTools PDF Watermark Remover 4.0

    SysTools PDF Watermark Tool Advanced Tool to Add Text or Image Watermark on Multiple PDF Files Without Adobe Acrobat. Use this utility to insert watermark into batch PDF documents on Windows Operating System.

    SysTools PDF Watermark Remover 4.0

    Features of PDF Watermark Adder
    - Best software to add watermark to PDF files in batch
    - Option to add both Text or Images as Watermark on PDF files
    - Add any text and customize its Color, Size & Placement
    - Supports to add any image from type: JPG, PNG, GIF
    - Ability to create an image watermark from Animated GIF file
    - Provides option to Set the Transparency Level of PDF file watermark
    - Unlock Secured PDF before adding image or text watermark on it
    - Generates Summary Report containing the watermark details
    Salient Features of the SysTools PDF Watermark Tool
    Unique Features of the Software to Watermark PDF Files in Bulk

    Stamp PDF File Watermark
    If you want to make your confidential PDF file copyright protected to a higher extent, then watermark it with this hassle free software. The tool allows you to insert any type of watermark on PDF files and permits its customization accordingly too. Also, it is possible to add watermark on multiple PDF files saved in a folder by using the free demo version of PDF Watermark Generator.

    Add Watermark to PDF
    The free trial version of Adobe PDF Watermark software provides two different PDF watermark stamping options like:
    - Add Text Watermark: Allows stamping text on PDF files
    - Add Image Watermark: Allows to add image watermark to PDF

    Set PDF Watermark Text & Position
    When a user add text watermark in PDF, this software provides the option to choose any text as PDF file watermark and set the placement of text. Users can also set the text at positions like: Top horizontal, bottom horizontal, Left vertical, Right vertical, Top left to bottom right and bottom left to top right by this Adobe PDF watermark creator software.

    Set Text Font Size & Color
    Another option provided by the tool is to set font size and color of the text to be stamped on PDF file. The Font Size option allows you to increase or decrease the size of text watermarked. Also, you can set the color from an inbuilt color palette of the software in which you can define custom colors as well. After this, adjust the transparency of the text to be appeared on your PDF file accordingly.

    Scale Image to Fit Position
    In order to add image watermark on PDF documents, the software offers you with the scaling option. This PDF watermark Adder tool allows users to choose the image positions among options like: To Left, Top Middle, Top Right, Middle Left, Center, Middle right, Bottom Left, Bottom middle and Bottom right. After this, check the scale image feature to fit it into the selected position. With this option checked, you can fit large image on the DF page as a watermark.

    Show Summary Details
    After selecting all the options to apply watermark to multiple PDFs, the software will show you a small summary of your selections. You can view the details like Selected option, number of PDF files, Watermark position, color transparency, font size, font color, text or the image to be added. Also, this PDF Watermark Creator enables the user to view the progress details like name of the selected file, the location of PDF file and the stamping status.

    Supported Image Formats
    PDF Watermark Maker provides option to insert image from multiple file formats. The tool can insert a watermark from image file formats like: PNG, GIF, JPG. Moreover, the utility is capable of adding watermark to PDF from animated GIFs.

    Windows Version Compatibility
    The software is efficient in watermarking PDF files on different Windows Operating System. Being a Windows based watermark creator, the application is very easy to download and install on Windows OS having 32/64-bit processor heads.

    أداة SysTools PDF Watermark Tool المتقدمة لإضافة نص أو صورة علامة مائية على ملفات PDF متعددة بدون Adobe Acrobat. استخدم هذه الأداة المساعدة لإدراج العلامة المائية في مستندات PDF المجمعة على نظام التشغيل Windows.

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