Gray Technical Excel Draw v4.2.33

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    Gray Technical Excel Draw v4.2.33

    Have you ever wanted to create drawings inside of Excel? If you have, then you probably know that Microsoft Excel, while amazing for spread sheets, does have its limitations.
    Graphing is not one of Excel’s strong suits, especially when it comes to drawings, until now.

    With the Excel Draw add-in you can use Excel to create, generate, graph, export and even view X1 Y1 Z1 X2 Y2 Z2 data within a drawing style format and in real time! You can copy XYZ data directly into your Excel spreadsheet or create your own data on the spot.

    Objects are simple to add with a visually distinct icon for every object type: Rectangles, Lines, Points, Circles and even Text. Absolute, Relative and Z Values are all optional. Every object can have its own unique settings or simply stay generic. XYZ value ordering can be modified but need to stay uniform throughout your project.

    With multiple objects displayed drawings can sometimes become confusing, causing you to lose track of what shape is associated to which value. The built-in Drawing Manager will help you with that, allowing you to highlight and select one object from a complete list of shapes.

    Modifying graphed object values will automatically update your drawing in real time. Exporting your drawing is just as easy as creating it. With the Exporting icons you can quickly export your data in several different formats; including drawing (DXF and TXT), image (PNG and JPG), document (PDF and HTML) and spreadsheet (XLS and CSV).


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