IDEA StatiCa v20.1.5115.1

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    IDEA StatiCa v20.1.5115.1

    A lot of time has passed since the first version of IDEA StatiCa Connection was released in 2014.

    IDEA StatiCa v20.1.5115.1

    At that time, the developers of the program presented a completely new approach to the calculation and design of joints of steel structures. The program is based on a unique tool - the Component Finite Element Method (FFE), thanks to which such a rapid growth in the popularity of IDEA StatiCa as a software that has become today the leading in the design and calculation of steel structures. IDEA StatiCa was able to solve many problems associated with taking into account local effects arising from the calculation, and organically fit into the modern concept of BIM design.

    Based on feedback from more than 2,000 customers around the world, IDEA RS is constantly expanding the functionality of its software products, which significantly speeds up the work process and improves the integration of IDEA StatiCa with third-party design and analysis applications (Tekla Structures, SAP2000, ETABS, Advance Steel and The release of version 10 is very promising, since it is aimed at resolving a serious technical issue - the calculation of steel structure nodes for seismic effects.

    this question should be resolved not only for simple and template nodes, but for structures with any topology loaded with arbitrary efforts. In this case, the process should take several minutes. The new IDEA StatiCa Connection seismic calculation mode was created precisely to eliminate the described difficulties that arise in every project around the world. Reliable and fast calculation of steel structures, presented in a convenient and intuitive interface - this is what the updated IDEA StatiCa 20 is all about.

    Size: 239 MB


    Thanks for sharing brother but, did anyone crack it, because the owners of the program said that they enforced the activation system and we need to contact their server to give us permission for access? thanks

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