liquidFOLDERS 4.1.4 (x64) Multilingual

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    liquidFOLDERS 4.1.4 (x64) Multilingual

    liquidFOLDERS is a revolutionary way to manage all the files on your computer, in your cloud storage and in your local network. Tired of creating directories and looking for stuff all the time? Then liquidFOLDERS is for you! It has been primarily designed for media files, but works great with all other file types, too.


    liquidFOLDERS puts leading database technology to work for you. All details are covered by our beautifully designed and highly intuitive user interface. You can enjoy liquidFOLDERS right from the start!

    Pierre and his family love to travel in their tight spare time, and they always take a lot of pictures on their way. liquidFOLDERS makes organizing them a breeze.

    The challenge
    At home, or even on the road, Pierre has to classify and save the new photos and videos to his collection. As Pierre is completely occupied by his job and his family, he doesn't want to waste his precious free time on this.
    Until now, Pierre had simply copied all the photos and videos from his camera into a single large folder. That's why Pierre needs a very long time to find files he's looking for.

    Our recipe for success
    Pierre adds new files to his store by summoning the location's FileDrop and dragging the photos on the store icon. He can quickly add properties like location and roll to the new files, so liquidFOLDERS will classify them automatically.

    File size: 35.1 MB

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