Pixyz Review 2020.2.2.18 x64

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    Pixyz Review 2020.2.2.18 x64

    PiXYZ REVIEW allows you to easily import a wide range of CAD models from industry-leading solutions (Catia, NX, Solidworks, Alias...), easily handling large and complex assemblies. With PiXYZ REVIEW, interact with your CAD model using manipulation and visualization tools (cutting plane, measurement, explode, PMI, snapshots...) for a desktop use. Also, instantly switch to a powerful VR mode for an immersive and interactive experience with a VR headset (grab your product, visualize PMI, set kinematics…). Finally, collaborate easily with your coworkers thanks to an easy-to-use Collaboration mode.PiXYZ REVIEW helps companies multiply scenarios and facilitate decision-making, enhancing and speeding up design workflows, reducing time-to-product and cost, and increasing ROI.

    Pixyz Review 2020.2.2.18 x64

    High Speed Import
    PiXYZ was built for low memory usage and multithreading support. PiXYZ engine is optimized for loading large and complex CAD files

    CAD Format compatibility
    Collaborate easily with your partners without worrying about format compatibility

    Native Hierarchy
    Access to the original product hierarchy (full scene tree). Use the search engine to find a part.

    High performance
    PiXYZ can provide a high level of display performance regardless of the number of polygons, even on computers with low processing power.

    VR Mode
    Switch to Virtual Reality in one click. No expertise is needed; just plug in your device and see your product at 1:1 scale.

    AR Mode
    Switch to Augmented Reality with Microsoft Hololens, and instantly visualize any type of product in a real environment


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