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    ESRI ArcGIS Pro v2.5

    ArcGIS Pro is the latest desktop application for creating and manipulating spatial data. It has tools for visualizing, analyzing, compiling and publishing data.

    ArcGIS Pro organizes the assets you use in your work into projects. A project contains maps, layouts, layers, tables, jobs, tools, and connections to servers, databases, folders, and styles. Projects also include content from your organization's portal or ArcGIS Online.

    ESRI ArcGIS Pro v2.5

    Create a project or get started by opening a project template created by Esri or other community members.
    Assets can be added from folders, from the portal, or from ArcGIS Online by specifying or searching by keywords.
    Make sure to save your project so it is ready to use the next time you work in ArcGIS Pro.
    If you want to share your project, you can create project templates for others to use when they get started, or package the project and its data.

    With ArcGIS Pro, you can visualize both 2D and 3D data.

    Maps display 2D data and scenes display 3D. Learn more about working with 3D in ArcGIS Pro.
    In one project, you can store as many cards as needed, you can open several cards at once and view them at the same time. Link Views] so that when you move and zoom, the extent of all maps is updated at the same time.
    Fast work with the map is possible thanks to the built-in navigation functions and keyboard and mouse hot keys, with their help it became much more convenient to explore the data.
    Create eye-catching maps with labels, symbols and pop-ups.
    You can create layouts in your project to display data in a format that can be printed and exported.

    Geoprocessing provides a rich set of tools for performing spatial analysis and managing GIS data in an automated way. Use ArcGIS Pro to analyze and manage GIS data, create tools to automate your workflow and solve complex problems.

    With the appropriate geoprocessing tool selected, specify the location of the input and output datasets, configure additional parameters that affect the process, and run it.
    ArcGIS Pro contains many built-in tools, but you can create your own.
    Use ModelBuilder, a visual designer that lets you create flowcharts or models of spatial analysis or data management processes.
    Automate analysis, data conversion and management, mapping with Python and ArcPy scripting libraries.
    Include additional modules to enhance analytical capabilities, incl. network, spatial and geostatistical functions.

    Using ArcGIS Pro, you can create and edit various types of objects: cities, buildings, roads, forests, rivers, mountains, and any other spatial phenomena, while you can integrate data from various sources into your project. It is possible to render layers for editing in both 2D and 3D, so you can view features from any perspective.

    Design a data schema to build a model of the world.
    Editing involves creating, updating and maintaining geospatial information that is stored and organized in layers.
    You can create new features on a layer by digitizing them on the map and adding attributes to define their characteristics.
    You can update existing features to reflect their current state based on fresh data or information from a field.
    Add an add-on Data Reviewer to check data quality.
    To manage corporate workflows, integrate Workflow Manager into your organization.

    Using tasks, the GIS administrator can design a series of steps that the user can follow to perform the necessary operations that meet the organization's standards. A task is a set of predefined steps that will help you and other users complete a work or business process.

    Create tasks to perform any function in ArcGIS Pro.
    The steps in a task can be performed manually or run automatically. Steps can be required or optional.
    Record actions so that you can easily reproduce them as individual steps in a task.

    Publishing your work is an important part of ArcGIS Pro. You can publish everything from entire projects to maps, layers, and more.

    To collaborate with others, you can build project templates to use when you get started, or publish existing project files and items to ArcGIS Online or the portal.
    Web maps can be reused in ArcGIS Pro as well as across the entire ArcGIS platform, including browsers and mobile devices.
    A compressed file containing GIS data is created for general access using the package. Now you can package the entire project or its layers to share with others.
    Before publishing your content, ArcGIS Pro can check your work for errors and comments and provide recommendations for improving performance. If ArcGIS Pro finds anything, it displays a message with a link to a Help topic with information on how to fix this error.
    After creating a map or layout, you can export it to a different format or print it. A number of standard file formats are supported.




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