Getting Started with MicroStation 10 CONNECT - Training - 2.28GB

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    Getting Started with MicroStation 10 CONNECT - Training

    Number of Videos:8 hours - 93 lessons
    User Level:Beginner
    MicroStation, the high-end CAD software developed by Bentley Systems, has capabilities ranging from simple 2D drawings to highly-complex photorealistic 3D projects. In this video, you'll learn about MicroStation CONNECT and how to use the application's 2D tools and drawing techniques. Instructor Peter Mann starts with the fundamentals, taking you through opening and saving new documents, discovering the different views, and understanding what elements are and how to control them. You'll then move into an explanation of AccuDraw, MicroStation's most important tool.

    You'll learn to create shapes, scale, rotate, work with annotations and text, and finish with instructions for plotting and printing your completed designs. The course includes access to working files containing drawing exercises, drawing set-ups, and a real architectural floor plan so you can practice your new skills.

    Getting Started with MicroStation 10 CONNECT - Training
    • Master the use of MicroStation CONNECT's basic 2D tools and drawing techniques
    • Become familiar with the interface ribbon and dialog boxes
    • Learn about the tool settings window, element selection/de-selection, and snaps
    • Understand how to work in the design plane, enter angles, and set dimensions
    • See how the AccuDraw tool works and learn to use its shortcut keys
    • Learn to generate and work with polygons, arcs, ellipses, and SmartLines
    • Explore element symbology and how to manipulate and modify the tool box
    • Understand annotation, dimensioning, element measurement, and plotting/printing
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