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    Electrical Design Bootcamp - Project.1 - Packaging Machine

    What you'll learn
    Learn about electrical design of an industrial packaging machine
    Learn about a power system on this project
    Learn about a safety system on this project (Sick Safety Controller)
    Learn about a PLC and I/O signals on this project (Siemens S7-1200)
    Learn an example of an automation system for an industrial machine
    See how the cabinet looks like in reality - photos of electrical cabinet
    Compare detailed design and as-built situation of the cabinet - photos

    Electrical Design Bootcamp - Project.1 - Packaging Machine

    Basic understanding of electrical engineering
    Basic understanding of electrical symbols
    *** UPDATES ***

    - October 10, 2019 - Captions in English (EDITED, not auto-generated).

    Dear Student,

    I welcome you to my first in the series course on electrical design - electrical design of an industrial packaging machine.

    So far, in the previous courses I created for you, we learned:

    - how to use tool EPLAN Electric P8 to create various circuit diagrams
    - how to size cables and protection devices in SIMARIS DESIGN for a power distribution system
    - how to calculate the heat dissipation and dimension fans and air conditioning in RITTAL THERM for an electrical enclosure
    Now we can start mastering electrical design.

    This is a project I was designing for my customer about two years ago. In this course I am going to talk about this project, first the basic info and then with every further lesson we are going to dig deeper into the project.

    We are going to learn about the power system, about the control system (PLC Siemens S7-1200) and about the safety system (SICK Safe EFI-pro System).

    I am also going to explain how this machine is controlled and I will explain why we need the input and output signals we used in the project.

    By the end of the course you will be able to understand how to design an electrical system for this kind of machine.

    I also highly recommend that you take the document I provided as a download (circuit diagrams in PDF) in the lecture 3 and the videos I created for you and that you create EPLAN project, for your exercise. With all the circuit diagrams, with the 2D panel layout and if you are really interested, all that in 2 languages.

    If you are a beginner in EPLAN then please refer to my EPLAN courses where I will teach you how to use EPLAN properly, with a lot of examples.

    I hope you will enjoy this course I created for you and I wish you great success in mastering electrical design!

    Your Instructor for Electrical Design,

    Who this course is for:
    Everyone who wants be a professional in industrial automation and electrical design
    Electrical engineer
    Electrical designer
    Automation engineer
    Electrical technician

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    Language: English | Size: 387 MB | Duration: 46m


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