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    Solar Energy: From 0 to Expert in 90 minutes

    Curious about solar power and want to get up to speed quickly? Then this is the perfect course for you.

    Solar Energy: From 0 to Expert in 90 minutes

    What you'll learn:
    Discover solar energy's current role and future potential in the global electricity supply
    Understand how solar cells work and take a deep dive into the photovoltaic effect
    Learn about the current photovoltaic technologies (first and second generation solar cells) and those in development (emerging solar PVs)
    Learn about solar cell efficiencies. Is there a theoretical limit?
    Design a basic photovoltaic system to meet a specific energy need at a specific location.
    Discover how cost-competitive solar PV is compared to other renewable and non-renewable electrical power plants. See just how low PV plant costs will soon be.
    Links to free, reputable online tools for PV system sizing and project feasibility analysis
    Much more... See description for details

    No prerequisites are required. All that is a needed is a basic understanding of science and mathematics.

    Google the words "solar energy future" and you will find page upon page of articles with the title "The future of solar energy is bright", or something to that effect. Why is this so? What is everyone so excited about?

    This course is designed to answer this question by looking at how solar photovoltaic technology works and how it compares to other renewable and non-renewable energy sources in terms of its abundance and cost. Unlike many online courses, we won't be looking at the mechanics of how to install a PV system, nor will we be diving too deep into the calculations of sizing all of its components (although you will be able to calculate the number of modules you would need to produce a desired power output. You will also be provided with links to free online calculators and free guides if you wish to delve deeper into solar PV calculations).

    What is unique about this course, is that it will allow you to fully understand the excitement behind solar photovoltaic technology. After just 90 minutes you will be able to answer the following questions with confidence:

    Global Deployment

    What is the role of solar energy in the global electricity supply today?

    What role will it play in the future?

    PV Solar Power Potential

    Could the world run on solar power?

    How does the energy we receive from the sun compare to other renewable and non-renewable sources of energy?

    How much land would we need to run the world on solar power?

    Principle of Operation

    How does a solar cell produce electricity?

    What is the photovoltaic effect?

    How does high ambient temperature affect the performance of a solar module?

    Solar Cell Types & Efficiencies

    What are the different types of solar cells that exist today?

    What are their efficiencies?

    How is the efficiency of a solar cell measured?

    Is there a theoretical limit for the efficiency of a solar cell? What are scientists doing to overcome it?

    PV System Sizing

    How do we calculate the number of solar modules that are needed to produce a given amount of power?

    Where can we find free, reliable online PV system sizing calculators?

    Solar Power Plant Cost

    What is the average cost of a solar PV power plant globally?

    What is the average cost in Canada? In the USA?

    How the cost of a solar PV power plant compare to other renewable and non-renewable energy power plants?

    Who this course is for
    Anyone wanting to gain a global understanding of solar PV technology.
    More advanced students will benefit from this overview of the solar power world statistics, solar photovoltaic technologies, solar cell types, solar cell efficiencies and costs of solar power plants around the globe.

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