Off-grid Solar Energy Systems in 2021: Design and Operation - 3.67GB

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    Off-grid Solar Energy Systems in 2021: Design and Operation

    All-in-one course: The main components, Your design options, The latest technologies - Explained by the Engineer

    Off-grid Solar Energy Systems in 2021: Design and Operation

    What you'll learn:
    The vital COMPONENTS in an off grid energy systems
    The correct DESIGN principles of energy systems
    The truth behind INVERTER GENERATORS and what their advantages actually are
    The reality of LITHIUM ION batteries versus the conventional lead acid batteries
    The actual performance of the different SOLAR CHARGERS and their pro's and con's
    The newest INVERTER technologies available and how they are wired into your system
    A clear understanding of the different types of BATTERIES and which option is the best for your system
    How a SOLAR PANEL actually works, and how to get the highest power output
    The differences between the different TECHNOLOGIES available on the market
    The basic principles on how ELECTRICITY works
    The true functioning of ALTERNATORS and how their performance can be improved
    The reasons behind POWER FLUCTUATIONS and how to mitigate their harmful effects
    A true understanding of FUSES & BREAKERS and how they should protect your system
    The reasons behind VOLTAGE DROP and how it really relates to wiring sizes

    The ability to carry out rudimentary mathematics: Being able to multiply, divide, add and substract
    An eager mind, ready to learn and absorb it all!

    Are you interested in generating your power off the grid? This clear and comprehensive course teaches you how an off grid energy systems works, and which design options and considerations you should be aware of.

    The video lectures implement the new Person-In-Presentation [PIP] format, whereby you watch both the instructor and the Dynamic Course Presentation at the same time: Boring lectures are a thing of the past.

    This course provides you with solid and concise information, presented in a pleasant and enjoyable format: No more procrastination! Your course instructor is Jesse Gorter: A Renewable Energy Engineer with over 10 years of experience in the design and installation of Off Grid Energy Systems.

    You will get a full understanding of all the topics related to Off Grid Energy Systems, brought to you in three [3] sections which each have three [3] subtopics: All you need to know in nine [9] chapters!

    Generation [Section A]

    Solar Panels



    Storage [Section B]


    Charge Controllers

    Fundamentals of Electricity

    Consumption [Section C]



    Fuses & Breakers

    You will learn the relevant material through small ‘chunks’ of video lectures of a few minutes each. After each lecture you have the possibility to test your knowledge through an [optional] multiple choice question.

    Who this course is for
    NOVICES who want to explore how to be self-sufficient in their energy needs
    SYSTEM OWNERS who intend to upgrade their off grid energy system[s]
    RV OWNERS who are planning to install a new energy system in their RV or upgrade the existing system
    OFF GRID ENTHOUSIASTS who want to polish their understanding of energy systems and how to operate & configure the systems
    COTTAGE OWNERS who current are without an energy system or are planning to upgrade their existing energy system
    STUDENTS who want to have access to a compact and concise source of information on off grid energy systems
    BOAT OWNERS who are planning to install a new energy system in their vessel or upgrade the existing system

    MP4 | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
    Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 72 lectures (2h 51m) | Size: 3.67 GB


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