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    Insulation and Refractories

    How Insulation is beneficial/ HVAC Insulation/ Selection of insulation / Thickness of insulation / Estimating insulation

    Insulation and Refractories

    What you'll learn:
    Thermal insulation
    Industrial Insulation
    Home Insulation
    Suggested Insulation
    Selection of Insulation
    Prevention of heat loss
    Calculate thickness of insulation
    Economic thickness of insulation
    Selection of Refractories
    Ceramic Fibers
    HVAC Insulation
    Boiler Insulation
    Energy Management
    Energy Audit
    Design guidelines for insulation system
    How to reduce power consumption in process industry
    Estimating Insulation
    Home insulation

    A desire to learn.
    Some engineering knowledge is beneficial, but lessons are explained in depth to allow students to build their knowledge from the ground up.

    Benefits of the course

    1. How Insulation is beneficial

    How Insulation works, what are benefits of Insulation. What is heat transfer mechanism of Insulation like role of conduction, convection and radiation in insulation?

    2. Types of Insulation

    Three methods of classification of Insulation. First is based on temperature, Second is based on composition of material and third is based on working method of insulation. Applications of Insulation like HVAC, Boiler, Furnace etc

    3. Fiber and cellular insulation

    Details of Fibrous Insulation (Rock mineral, glass mineral and ceramic fiber), Details of Cellular Insulation (Cork, formed plastic and polystyrene) Details of Granular insulation (Silicate and vermiculite)

    4. Selection of insulation, Thickness of insulation and economic thickness of Insulation

    About expanded perlite insulation material, Selection of Insulation material, Calculation of Insulation thickness, Economic thickness of Insulation, heat loss calculation

    5. Selection of refractories

    Application of Refractories, Types of Refractories, Properties of Refractories, About Alumina, Fireclay, Magnesite, Dolomite and ceramic fibers and selection of Refractories

    This course is helpful to Engineers, Consultants and Architects.

    Who this course is for
    Energy consultants
    Practicing Engineers
    Building consultants
    Engineering student

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    Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 6 lectures (1h 14m) | Size: 1.12 GB

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