TWINMOTION Real-time 3d architecture visualization. part 1 - 2.8GB

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    TWINMOTION Real-time 3d architecture visualization. part 1

    welcome to Twinmotion course " The fastest and easiest way to create 3d architectural visualizations and virtual reality
    built by the famous game engine unreal engine twinmotion has made it to combine the ease of use ,speed and realistic quality for architectural visualisation and virtual reality

    TWINMOTION Real-time 3d architecture visualization. part 1

    you will be amazed of how easy it is to create your architectual visualizations in no time compared to other 3d software .

    this course is a step by step process from start to finish to create visualization for a simple villa .

    what you will learn in this course :

    · how to download the program for free

    .interface of Twinmotion.

    · Preparing your files and importing .

    · Applying materials.

    · using landscape tools .

    · adding objects from the library

    getting more objects from the internet .

    · adding animated characters .

    adding animated vehicles .

    adding volumes of fire smoke and water ..etc )

    urban category (context paths camera align measure)

    nature category (location weather lighting ocean )

    how to create and render still images

    how to create and render panoramas

    how to create and render video animation

    how to create and render VR (virtual reality )

    and more ...

    and now updated with 20 20 new features

    • Vegetation scatter tool
    • High-quality trees
    • Vegetation growth
    • Grass Customization
    • High-quality vegetation assets
    • Vegetation Painting
    • New Physical Sky
    • New Area light
    • Volumetric lights
    • Video as material
    • Grunge Material
    • More realistic 3D People
    • Cinematic Depth of field
    • Note tool
    • Animators
    • Twin-motion Presenter
    • X-Ray Material
    Duration: 3h 12m | 28 Lessons | Video: 1280x720, 44kHz | 2.8 GB
    Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Level: Beginner

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