Gehry Technologies Digital Project V1,R5 (Catia.V5R27) Win64

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    Gehry Technologies Digital Project V1,R5 (Catia.V5R27) Win64

    Digital Project a Gehry Technologies’ BIM and CAD software that uses advanced 3D aerospace technology of CATIA to enable architects to create complex building forms and recognizable architecture. The software has been developed by Gehry Technologies since 2002. Gehry Technologies is a company owned by deconstructivist architect Frank Gehry, and it’s an outcome of his architectural efforts to deliver visionary designs. Gehry Technologies have been pioneering the process of developing services and software for the emerging fields of Building Information Modeling (BIM), Project Information Management (PIM) and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC). Gehry Technologies has been acquired by Trimble in 2014. CATIA platform was developed by French company Dassault Systemes.

    Gehry Technologies Digital Project V1,R5 (Catia.V5R27) Win64

    Digital Project is a suite of comprehensive 3D building information modeling (BIM) and Project Information Management (PIM) tools. You can use Digital Project as a BIM tool to manage large-scale building models, virtual design for construction models. Digital Project combines technologies of Dassault Systemes and Gehry Technologies to provide a solution that pushes the boundaries of construction and engineering technology.

    Note: Digital Project requires a valid license to operate. After installation is complete you need to contact Gehry Technologies for the purchase of a license if you do not already have one.

    Main features include:

    Powerful geometry
    Digital Project allows you to build BIM & CAD models regardless of geometric complexity.
    With powerful surface, wireframe & solid modeling, Digital Project can support the most demanding projects.
    Knowledge driven modeling
    Develop intelligent parametric families that can address localized conditions and incorporate automated drawing generation, optimization, and reporting.
    Unlimited Scalability
    Create and combine CAD and BIM models from the city scale to the construction detail, navigate, clash and measure, build 4D sequences and more.
    Digital Project has import and export capabilities that allow easy and accurate exchange with other software products, allowing full integration of workflow.

    Windows 64-bit | Size: 3.9 GB
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