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    Autodesk Vault Office Client 2022 (x64)

    x64 | File Size: 4.32 GB

    The Vault Office client is similar to the Vault client, but provides only non-CAD file and folder data management options.The Vault Office client cannot be installed on the same machine as a full Vault Workgroup or Vault Professional client
    Who Should Use the Vault Office client?

    -The Vault Office client is ideal for users who do not need all of the CAD functionality of a full Vault client, but who still need to manage documents in a vault. For example, non-design engineers and project managers, employees on the shop floor, and sales personnel could all use the Vault Office client to fulfill

    these responsibilities:
    -Review and validate design data
    -Participate in the change process
    -Manage project data
    -Communicate with external team members
    -Create reports
    -Consume released design data
    -Manage additional non-CAD data and custom objects.

    Tasks Users Can Perform with the Vault Office client

    File and Folder Tasks
    -Create folders
    -Move, Rename, and Delete non-CAD files
    -Move, Rename, and Delete folders which do not contain CAD files
    -Check in, check out, perform quick checkouts, and undo checkouts on non-CAD files
    -Check in, check out, perform quick checkouts, and undo checkouts on folders
    -Note: CAD files in the folder are not affected.
    -Open CAD files as read-only
    -Edit non-CAD file properties
    -Edit folder properties
    -Attach non-CAD files to CAD files
    -Attach files to non-CAD files
    -Detach files from non-CAD files
    -Classify, categorize, change lifecycle definition, change state, and change revision on non-CAD files
    -Classify, categorize, change lifecycle definition, and change state on folders
    -Change state on CAD files

    Custom Object Tasks
    -Create Custom Object instances
    -Classify, categorize, change lifecycle definition, change state, and change revision on custom objects
    -Edit custom object properties

    Job Processor Tasks
    -Update view using Queue Update
    -Send jobs to the Job Processor

    Shortcuts and Links Tasks
    -Create, edit, and delete links to folders and non-CAD files
    -Create, modify, and delete links of non-CAD files and folders to custom objects

    Item Tasks
    -Read item details (Bill of Materials, etc.)
    -Change state on items

    Report Tasks
    -Run reports on files, folders, items, and change orders
    -Rerun reports on Bills of Materials (BOMs)
    -Run reports on Custom Objects

    Change Order Tasks
    -Created, edit, and participate in Change Orders

    General Tasks
    -Go to working folder
    -Access and create saved searches
    -Enable custom utility for non-CAD files, folders, and custom objects

    System Requirements:
    OS:Windows Server 2016* Standard, Datacenter / Windows Server 2019* Standard, Datacenter / Microsoft Windows 10* Professional, Enterprise (Vault Basic only)

    Database Servers
    -Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express, Standard, Enterprise (CU15 for 2016 SP2)
    -Microsoft SQL Server 2017 Express, Standard, Enterprise (CU22)
    -Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Express, Standard, Enterprise (CU8)

    Intel® i7 or AMD® equivalent Processor, 2 GHz or higher (Minimum)
    Intel Xeon® E7 or AMD equivalent Processor, 3 GHz or higher (Recommended)
    8 GB RAM (Minimum)
    16 GB RAM (Recommended)

    -100 GB disk space (Minimum)
    -200 GB disk space (Recommended)

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