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    Speed Control of Induction Motors using MATLAB

    What you'll learn
    Revise all equations regarding induction motor and its equivalent circuit.
    Create torque - speed characteristic curve of induction motor.
    Create current - speed characteristic curve of induction motor.
    know the principle concept of speed control of induction motor.
    Create M-Files using MATLAB programming for different methods of speed control.
    Learn the basics of Variable Speed Drives.

    You should be familiar with basics of induction motors.
    You should be familiar with basics of MATLAB programming.

    Induction motors are the most widely used electrical motors due to their reliability, low cost, ruggedness and robustness.

    However, induction motors do not inherently have the capability of variable speed operation.

    This course starts off covering some basic subjects which are needed so that you can understand how speed of induction motor can be varied and controlled.

    The course consists of the following sections :-

    Induction Motor ( Equations & its equivalent circuit).

    Performance Curve of Induction Motor.

    Changing number of poles of the motor.

    Stator Voltage Control Method.

    Rotor Voltage Control Method.

    Frequency Control Method.

    Stator Voltage and Frequency Control Method.

    Stator Current Control Method.

    At the end of the course you will understand all of the fundamentals of speed and torque control of induction motor and understand how to create its performance curve successfully using MATLAB.

    Who this course is for:
    This course is suitable for anyone interested in learning about induction motors.
    Electrical Engineering Students.
    Electrical Engineering Graduates.

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