CAMWorks 2021 SP1 Build 2021-04-07 Multilang for SolidWorks

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    CAMWorks 2021 SP1 Build 2021-04-07 Multilang for SolidWorks

    CAMWorks 2021 is the most advanced CAM software available, combining production-proven feature based CAM technology, automatic feature recognition, and rules based machining along with tolerance based machining to leverage MBD and PMI technology to automate Smart Manufacturing for CNC programming – paving the way to advanced digital manufacturing.
    Mill-Turn in SOLIDWORKS Assemblies
    Full Mill-Turn Support in SOLIDWORKS assembly mode
    Include custom chucks, fixtures, and other machine components for simulation and collision checking
    Synchronize simultaneous milling and turning operations with multiple turrets and spindles
    Simultaneously machine both sides of a part or unique parts in the main and sub-spindles

    Continuous B Axis Turning
    Reach undercuts using a single finishing tool
    Multiple cutting strategies for flexibility
    User definable limits for the B Axis tilting angle
    Specify effective lead angle or tool normal angle
    Holder clearance setting to avoid collisions

    Standard Stock Size Library
    User definable Standard Stock sizes in X, Y, and Z
    Select Coordinate system to define stock size
    Select reference and input offset values to locate stock
    Create new or overwrite existing Standard Stock sizes
    Create a user-defined Standard Stock size library for each material type!

    Probing for Mill-Turn Machines
    Define probing tools with new parameters for probe shank and stylus
    Automatic selection of standard probing cycle based on face/feature selection
    Dynamic display of probing toolpath to avoid collisions and broken probes
    Probe stock and set work offsets automatically!
    Support for standard probing cycles!

    What's new in CAMWorks 2021!
    Import Tools from Helical and Harvey Tool Catalog or CSV Files
    5 Axis – Spiral Swarf Milling and 5 Axis – Minimize Tilting
    Cylindrical Stock Support
    ShopFloor – Add Additional Documents and View/Edit Content
    Improved Sync Manager for Synchronous Machining
    Probing – Additional Parameters and 3 Point Boss / Bore
    Contain Toolpath within the Contact Point Boundaries
    TechDB – Default Feature Options and Resequencing of Operations
    Feature Recognition – Recognize non-uniform fillets/chamfer

    System requirements:
    Operating System MS Windows Win7 SP1 / Win8.1 / Win10 64-bit
    SolidWorks 2020-2021
    MS Access 2010-2019 32/64 bit
    Graphics 1024x768 resolution with minimum 32768 colours
    Disk Space 10GB free
    Memory 1GB+ RAM (2GB recommended)
    Version: 2021 SP1 build 2021/0407 (07-April-2021)

    Windows 64bit | Size: 1.6 GB

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