Unicorn Render 4.210.2011.1101

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    Unicorn Render 4.210.2011.1101

    The software developer Space Tech International is pleased to announce the availability of Unicorn Render 4.210.2011.1101 a full collaborative rendering application that join the best thechnology of AI and professional visualization.

    Unicorn Render 4.210.2011.1101

    Unicorn Render is a high-end rendering program. It is unique due to the immediate realistic display and fast operation. In terms of term, this is called “physics rendering”. It makes top quality rendering accessible to all. For example, Unicorn can be used as a very powerful stand alone application and also available also within ARC software. Unicorn Render supports up to 46 file formats such as * .SKP (Sketchup), * .3ds (3D studio) and OBJ. Particularly new is that Unicorn uses the power of both the processor (intel) and the NVIDIA graphics card (s) simultaneously. Unicorn real-time rendering is also very visual in terms of interface. You are working in a direct example and drag lots of ready-to-use materials.

    nterface. You are working in a direct example and drag lots of ready-to-use materials.

    Daylight works naturally according to the location on earth, date and time. You can apply standard IES light sources, but also luminous lines, planes or spheres. Much more convenient, powerful and unique to Unicorn Render, however, is that you can make any light source of any kind. Think of neon tubes, LED, TL light and rows of spots that can be lightning fast with light material.

    Space Tech International is a Professional 3D Developer company that produce Unicorn Render that allow you to produce stunning realistic pictures and reach high-end rendering level without any skills, ARC+ BIM edition, that allow to model 3D building complaint BIM 2×3 and 4, CADexe for DWG Editing, Drone mission for mission planning of drones and Survey.

    Product: Unicorn Render
    Version: 4.210.2011.1101
    Supported Architectures: x64
    Language: english

    Unicorn Render 4.210.2011.1101 | 1.9 Gb


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