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    Advanced AutoCAD 2018: Technicalities with Tips

    An easiest way to become master of designing a house in 2D and 3D modeling!

    What you'll learn:
    After finishing this course you will get a complete know-how about the AutoCAD-2018
    You will be able to draw any kind of drawing you want by using different type of tools, dimensions, symbols, sketches
    After this course, you will be able to easily layout and draw your drawing without errors.
    In the course of AutoCAD-2018, you will be taught about the different laws and dimensions which are important to design a house
    You will be able to get the excessive knowledge about the professional presentation of your drawing.
    This course also helps you to select the eye catching colors in you drawings.
    After this course you will be able to plan you house in an easiest way.
    The advance course of AutoCAD-2018 also helps you to build your house in 2D & 3D modeling.
    You will become the master in designing a house.

    You just need to have a PC with installed AutoCAD-2018, NOTE…. Don't need to worry I will attach a website from where you can easily download the software without any kind of payment
    No experience needed- I will teach you AutoCAD-2018 from start to end
    The most important requirement in this course is your full concentration and your important time that's all
    You will learn the step-step process which you have to practice by your side to get full understanding of things

    Hey Guys! Welcome to the course of Advanced AutoCAD 2018: Technicalities with Tips, by this course you will become a master of AutoCAD 2018 and capable of design your house in a professional way.

    The Advanced AutoCAD 2018 course will bring a huge change in your drawing skills. If you are a beginner then you became master of AutoCAD 2018 and capable of designing a house and if you are a regular user of AutoCAD 2018 then you will become a planner of a house by this credible course.

    Let's move towards the description of a course. Guys don't worry if you have null experience about the AutoCAD I am here to teach you every single detail about AutoCAD 2018 that is needed. So let's have a short note on it ……

    The course is taught by an urban planner, so don't need to worry you will taught by all the dimensions, planning, skills, color coding's and laws which are important to be considered in designing of a house.

    This course will cover each and every single corner with video recorded lectures, presentation lectures, quizzes, assignments, handbooks, relevant videos, downloadable notes and external resources about AutoCAD 2018.

    The course is designed by new formulas, new techniques and innovative ideas and methods.

    I will take you step by step by using different informative tutorials, video lectures, presentations and notes. There will be some quizzes and some sort of short exercises for you to practice which have been taught in the lecture. This will help you guys to better understand the course of AutoCAD 2018.

    Through this course, we'll cover an immense amount of tools and techniques which are…

    how to set the units and dimension styles

    using the AutoCAD Interface

    drawing area

    menus and toolbar

    command line

    status bar

    specifying coordinates and commands

    drawing simple lines, curves and points

    editing the drawing using basic tools

    erasing objects

    moving objects

    copying objects

    rotating objects

    scaling objects

    changing lines and circles

    editing the drawing using advance tools

    using mirror command

    using array command

    aligning objects

    trimming objects

    extending objects

    creating corners with chamfer

    creating rounded corners with fillet

    organizing the drawing with layers, colors and line type

    creating text

    working with blocks and attributes

    specifying 2D coordinates

    viewing drawing in different views

    specifying 3D coordinates

    viewing 3D drawings

    creating 3D surfaces

    creating solids and editing in 3D drawings

    shading in 3D

    saving you drawing

    export and import the drawing

    text styles

    After completing this course, you'll be a professional planner in designing a house of which you dream.

    Sign up now, and look frontward to:

    Presentation Readings

    Video Readings





    Informative website

    Downloaded materials

    Recommended Books

    External Resources

    I'm so assertive that you'll love this course that we're offering. So it's a complete no brainer. Sign up today with ZERO to become HERO.

    Who this course is for
    The interested candidates who are also a user of AutoCAD and want to learn advance techniques, then this course is for them
    If you want to make up money through any course then AutoCAD-2018 is for you
    If you have an interest in software then this course is for you
    If you want to learn advance AutoCAD-2018, then this course is for you
    If you want to become a designer of your dream house, then take up this course

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    Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 88 lectures (7h 27m) | Size: 2.84 GB


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