NUMECA FINE/Turbo 16.1 Win/Linux x64

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    NUMECA FINE/Turbo 16.1 Win/Linux x64

    Best-in-class turbomachinery design tools
    Engineers looking to combine speed and accuracy for their virtual turbomachinery designs trust NUMECA for their toughest challenges.

    NUMECA FINE/Turbo 16.1 Win/Linux x64

    We have designed a unique toolset that encompasses a complete end-to-end solution: 1D to 3D, Meshing, CFD and Optimization, all in one single environment. Thanks to more than 75 years of expertise in rotating machinery, the environment displays an unsurpassed ease-of-use and accuracy.

    Configurations range from multi-stage axial to radial to mixed-flow configurations (compressors, turbines, pumps, fans, propellers or contra-rotating propellers).

    Key Features
    Meanline design

    For all major turbomachinery configurations. Meanline options include:

    COMPAL® for radial and mixed-flow compressors
    PUMPAL® for radial, mixed-flow, axial pumps
    RITAL™ for radial and mixed-flow turbines
    AXIAL™ for axial compressors and turbines
    Detailed 3D design

    For geometry and blading using AxCent®, including throughflow, 2D blade to blade and streamline curvature calculation.

    Windows 64bit | + Docs & Tutorials | Size: 6.09 GB

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