Paramatters CogniCAD 3.0 x64

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    Paramatters CogniCAD 3.0 x64

    ParaMatters is a fully autonomous and intuitive generative design and simulation platform that optimizes the most labor-intensive steps in the digital work flow from design to manufacturing. We deliver the best-in-class lightweighting and performance enhancements with ready to manufacture designs in a short period of time without manual interruption or re-modeling.

    Paramatters CogniCAD 3.0 x64

    Topology Optimization

    Variety of loading conditions
    forces and moment (via remote points), pressure, acceleration (g-forces), thermal loads and vibrations (frequencies)

    Design goals and constraints
    stress (accurate maximum stiffness control), stiffness (weighted compliance), deformation and vibration constraints.

    STL and STEP (ready for CAD), validated by built-in proprietary Finite-Element Analysis. Zero manual re-modeling or geometry reconstruction.

    Accurate feature-size control and manufacturability
    accurate and robust features size control. Various manufacturing constraints – Additive Manufacturing, Die and Investment casting, CNC milling – 3 and 5 axis.

    High fidelity designs and unprecedented resolution (10-60 M elements and higher)
    for significant light-weighting and low volume structures

    Friendly and intuitive UI
    Intuitive workflow and user interface powered by public / private cloud

    Heat Conduction Topology Optimization
    Boundary conditions is temperature applied on faces of non-design regions
    Thermal loads are: heat flux applied of faces, volumetric heat applied on volume bodies (mimicking conduction and convection)
    Design for thermal compliance under volume raction constraint
    Output is STL ready for AM

    Multi-Material Topology Optimization

    One-of-a-kind offering
    Advanced Additive Manufacturing expands into multi-material, hence there is a need for efficient multi-material design software tools. Apparently, there is a lack of multi-material design solutions on the market and this gap must be filled. ParaMatters does the job.

    What would we expect from such a generative design software? Ideally, such a tool should provide with optimal structures having most effective distribution of topology and material type simultaneously. This is a very challenging problem, because each candidate material has different material properties, like density, stiffness, strength etc. In optimal structures, a strong material should be located in places where stresses are high while a weak material can be located in moderate stressed areas. Stronger materials are usually heavier or more expensive, hence ideally a designer would be interested in the cheapest and/or lightest solution.

    Multi-Material Generative Design technology developed by ParaMatters to allow significant reduction in weight and manufacturing cost.

    Meso-Structural Optimal Generative Design

    One-of-a-kind offering for design of infill and fail-safe structures
    Natural structures, which evolved millions or billions of years are optimal to carry set of applied loads. For us, humans it is not always clear what are the loading conditions, but we can have an educated guess. Looking closer into bone micro-structure we can clearly see that:

    Design of Support Structures
    CogniCADTM offers fully automated 1-click design of support structures. Control parameters:
    Overhang angle
    Typical lattice size and beam width
    Contact point thickness, total and penetration lengths
    Output is STL ready for AM

    File Size: 1.76 GB


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