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    Electricity and Electronics

    The core of digital technology

    What you'll learn
    Magnetic Hysteresis
    The Electromagnet
    Electromagetic Induction


    On learning these exciting new developments in electronics, you may get the impression that you should be able to construct powerful, elegant, yet inexpensive, little gadgets to do almost any conceivable task - all you, need to know is how all these devices work. If you've had that feeling, this course is for you.
    Here we have attempted to convey the excitement and know-how of the subject of electronics.In this section we begin the study of the laws, rules of thumb, and tricks that constitute the art of electronics as we see it. It is necessary to begin at the beginning - with talk of voltage, current, power and the components that make up electronic circuits.
    Because you can't touch, see, smell, or hear electricity, there will be a certain amount of abstraction, as well as some dependence on such visualizing instruments as oscilloscopes and voltmeters. In many ways this course section is also the most mathematical, in spite of our efforts to keep mathematics to a minimum in order to foster a good intuitive understanding of circuit design and behavior.
    What You will Learn in this Course:
    Electromagnetic Induction
    Magnetic Hysteresis
    The Electromagnet

    Created by Pragmatic Learning | Last updated 3/2021
    Duration: 46m | 1 section | 5 lectures | Video: 1280x720, 44 KHz | 196 MB
    Genre: eLearning | Language: English + Sub


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