Countersketch OL v8.1.19323.1002

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    Countersketch OL v8.1.19323.1002

    Simple yet quite complex jewel design studio, which every jewelry company can have right at their store. The New fifth generation of CounterSketch improves the customers’ experience, which today’s customers long for. Materialize your customer’s dream about the perfect jewel!

    Countersketch OL v8.1.19323.1002

    Newest popular styles
    More than 3000 jewel designs

    Simple design editing
    Editing according to customers’ wishes

    Placing order right in the software
    Pricing immediately during designing

    - Add details or build new designs with more than 1,000 individual components
    - Open and modify flexible 3C designs in CounterSketch
    - Price, order, and submit your finished 3D model to Stuller for manufacturing
    - Change stones, metal qualities, shanks, and more in 3D on 1,300+ styles

    Operating System: Windows
    Required: NVIDIA graphics card

    File size: 673 MB


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