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    Table Notes - Pocket database & spreadsheet editor v110

    Table Notes - Pocket database & spreadsheet editor v110

    Easily enter data:
    • Photos - From camera or gallery
    • Audio - From voice recorder
    • Signature - Sign on the screen
    • Drawing - Mark and paint on photos
    • Address - Using Google maps
    • Phone Number - From phone contacts
    • Date & time - Calender pickers to select time
    • List - From a Drop down list of items
    • Checkbox - Just tick to change value
    • Formula - Any formula of numbers and time
    Add People - Realtime collaboration:
    • Add your team members, customers and suppliers to view and /or edit your spreadsheet at same time.
    • They can either edit only their own data, can add new data or view other members' data.
    Works Offline and backup in cloud server:
    • Work anywhere , anytime offline.
    • Once you are back online, app syncs your records, photos, and files automatically with Table Notes Cloud.
    PDF, WORD and XLS / XLSX reports:
    • Create and share instant reports on company letterhead.
    • Format with header and footer.
    Graphs and analysis:
    • Sort, filter or analyze your data using graphs
    Enhanced styling:
    • Set colors, bold and italic to cells, columns or rows in spreadsheet.
    Supported in more than 13 different languages:
    • Use app in your local language - Arabic , German, French, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, Tamil, Turkish, Polish, Russian
    • Enter data using form
    • Remind people on tasks and notes
    No need of any programming or coding knowledge.
    Where is it used?
    • Insurance surveyors record car damage details instantly with photos and generate PDF reports.
    • Salesman carries product catalogues, technical datasheets and price lists outside office and shares with customers .
    • Transport & logistics agents make lorry reciepts on field.
    • Employee attendence by photo and signature.
    • Waiters at the restaurants take food orders on the app which is updated at the kitchen simulataneously.
    • Taxi drivers enter trip details and accounts
    • Students make time table of the day
    • Doctors maintain database of reports and patients and track expenses.
    • Shopkeepers keep product rate list
    • Maintain product inventory
    • Change time of backup
    • Removes the need for storage permission. Images will not be added in gallery. Select Folder for backup & export
    • Add new Collaborator from main screen
    • Fix: Collaborator can select rows to export. Allows removal of company logo
    Requirements: Android 5.0+ | File size: 16,1 MB


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