Basic Electrical Engineering by Atharva Jadhav

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    Basic Electrical Engineering

    by Atharva Jadhav

    DC & AC Circuits

    What you'll learn:
    Solve basic problems on DC electric circuits
    Apply Kirchhoff's law's
    Apply nodal analysis to different type of DC networks.
    Solve problems using Thevenin and Norton's theorem

    Basic Electrical Engineering

    Basic knowledge of physics and mathematics.

    The course on Basic Electrical Engineering is offered almost in all universities at the first-year level irrespective of engineering discipline.

    Several topics such as DC Circuits, Magnetic Circuits, Single-phase and three-phase AC Circuits, Single-phase and three-phase transformers, AC and DC Machines, etc. are generally included in the course on Basic Electrical Engineering. This course is exclusively based on Unit 1 of the course on Basic Electrical Engineering which focuses on DC Fundamentals.

    In this course we will be solving DC and AC circuits with the help of various laws like Ohm's law, Kirchhoff's voltage and current laws, mesh analysis, parallel elements and current division, Star-Delta transformation, Independent sources and Dependent sources, source transformation. We will also learn the application of various theorems like Thevenin's theorem, Norton's theorem, etc. We will also go through some important types of circuits like RC, RL, and RLC Circuits and get familiar with the concept of phase as well. After completion of this course, you will be able to solve complex problems related to DC circuits within seconds. All the basic laws that are going to be get covered in this series are very important and have a vast range application in the upcoming units.

    In this course the step by step application of the different laws and theorems is covered using different types of examples along with proper explanation.
    This course serves as a foundation to learn advanced courses in basic electrical engineering

    Who this course is for
    First year Engineering students of all branches.

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    Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 27 lectures (5h 50m) | Size: 1.1 GB


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