Civil Engineering Structural Shop Drawing in AutoCAD

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    Civil Engineering Structural Shop Drawing in AutoCAD

    Learn how to draw the structural sheets of civil engineer project ( Shop Drawing ) + Manual Calculation for beginner

    Civil Engineering Structural Shop Drawing in AutoCAD

    What you'll learn
    Basics Civil Engineer Knowledge
    How to determine the section of each structural member in a civil engineering project
    Some AutoCAD basics Commands
    Structural Shop Drawing of a Civil Engineering Project in AutoCAD

    Part 1: Introduction for beginner civil engineers in manual calculation of structural elements

    Manual calculation of :

    1- Slab thickness ( How we can determine manually the thickness of all types of slabs: waffles slabs type 1 and type 2, Ribbed slabs, Solid Slabs , and Flat Slabs + Show the properties advantages and disadvantages of these slabs)
    2- Beams thickness interior and exterior beams in all types of slabs and how we can choose the optimized design of Slab- beams system
    Part 2: Learn the basics commands in AutoCAD to be ready to the shop drawing practice ( How to draw lines, How to draw polyline, Copy, Move, How to draw X-line, How to draw circle, How to draw Hatch in AutoCAD, How to do match properties in AutoCAD, How to print a sheet in AutoCAD.
    Part 3: Students will learn how begin the shop drawing of a civil engineering project in the following steps:
    1- How to draw the structural Axes
    2- How to distribute the columns
    3- How the draw the Column's details and Column's elevation.
    4- How to draw the reinforcement of the columns + table.
    5- How to draw the slabs layout and reinforcement.
    6- How to draw the beams layout and reinforcement.
    7- How to draw the details of beams and sections.
    8- How to draw the draw the foundations layout.
    9- How to draw the sections of the foundations.
    10- How to draw the reinforcement of the foundations.
    Who this course is for:
    For all Civil Engineering Students

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    Language: English | Size: 2.68 GB | Duration: 4h 57m

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