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    GeoStru Products 2016 MegaPack

    The downhole seismic method (DH) measures the time taken for the P and S waves to move between a seismic source located on the surface of the ground, and the receivers, placed inside a borehole. Once entered the information for the project, the depth reached and the travel times, we can get: The distances from source to receiver; Corrected travel times; Speeds of P and S waves; Some important geotechnical parameters; The travel time graph with seismic layers from which can be determined the average velocity in each layer, some average geotechnical parameters and VS30; The graph of P and S waves interval velocity and definition of seismic layer; Graphics relating to geotechnical parameters, derived for each interval; The stratigraphy of the borehole; The final report.

    GeoStru Products 2016 MegaPack

    PS  if you get 'type mismatch' error and after it 'runtime' error and a  crash of any GeoStru program, open the registry (regedit.exe) and delete  this parameter:
             [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\VB and VBA Program Settings\REG_SOFT_i\REG]
             DATEACTIVETION=17-Aug-15 14:16:35
             this error occurred due to the difference of the date/time regional setting, but these apps work fine and without it!

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