Construction Materials Methods and Techniques

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    Construction Materials Methods and Techniques

    Get a thorough overview of sustainable methods for site, residential and commercial building construction with this comprehensive text, which covers both traditional and contemporary materials, current industry standards and new and emerging technologies. The only text organized according to the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) MasterFormat standards, CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS, METHODS AND TECHNIQUES: BUILDING FOR A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE, Fifth Edition, features a reader-friendly style and logical structure, which follows the construction process step-by-step from project inception to completion.

    Construction Materials Methods and Techniques

    The new edition provides up-to-date coverage of dramatic changes underway in the construction industry, including advances in pre-fabricated construction; increased use of drones, robotics and artificial intelligence; net-zero buildings and lean construction. You'll learn about key current industry developments and standards, as well as latest relevant building codes, all presented within a dynamic, richly illustrated new design. Beyond the text itself, you can access a wealth of helpful learning resources to help you gain a clear understanding of today's construction materials, methods and techniques, providing a critical foundation for your career success.

    Cengage, 2022
    pdf, 914 pages, english
    ISBN10: 0-357-51383-5
    ISBN13: 978-0-357-51383-5

    Size: 61.6 MB

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