Dassault Systemes GEOVIA Surpac 2020 v7.2.22022.0 x64

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    Dassault Systemes GEOVIA Surpac 2020 v7.2.22022.0 x64

    Surpac is the premier software for the exploration and mining industry. The graphical interface is developed in the Java language. Using an advanced information processing structure, Gemcom Surpac makes it possible to work with data from other software products and objects created using most mining and geological and geographic information programs.

    Dassault Systemes GEOVIA Surpac 2020 v7.2.22022.0 x64

    Geological module

    The core of the geological module is the exploration workings database. The geological module provides the user with the following options:

    data entry from exploration drilling logs;
    editing geological data on wells, replenishing the database with the results of laboratory analyzes;
    integration of well data with graphical constructions;
    manipulation of data on exploration wells (simple and complex recalculations, data compositing, etc.);
    data processing by the method of classical statistical analysis of geological prospecting information (according to sampling data) with the printing of histogram graphs, tables and the results of their analysis;
    full geostatistical analysis of any three-dimensional data, including the calculation and modeling of variograms, maps of variability variations and the assessment of the spatial anisotropy of mineralization;
    calculation of reserves by various methods (by the method of geological sections within volumetric models, using block models, etc.);
    editing and modernization of the graphical and mathematical geological model.

    Mine survey data processing module and blasthole blastholes

    This module provides the user with the following options:

    data processing of manual mine surveying (theodolite course, etc.);
    input and processing of data from digital surveying instruments;
    construction of the actual contours of mining according to the data of mine surveying;
    generation of production reports;
    visualization of mining operations, issuance of graphic documentation;
    design of blasthole networks, including delineating deviated wells, automatic numbering of wells, loading them into the database.

    Volume and block modeling

    This module provides the user with the following options:

    the ability to build triangulation models of any objects and surfaces;
    the presence of advanced tools for creating parallel sections and intersecting polylines in wireframe models, as well as editing tools (addition, subtraction, intersection, changing the triangulation network);
    construction and modernization of block models with a given size of elementary blocks and content interpolations in elementary blocks of models.

    Optimization and planning module

    This module provides the user with the following options:

    the possibility of developing a long-term plan for conducting open pit mining, creating reporting documents;
    the ability to solve problems of optimizing the final contours of the open pit, stages of its development and the schedule of the mining enterprise;
    the possibility of detailed design of a quarry;
    the possibility of developing and adjusting the operational plan for conducting open pit mining using simulation modeling of the operation of transport and loading complexes;
    visualization of the mining plan, issuance of graphic documentation;
    integration of the mining planning module with mining equipment maintenance, logistics, finance module;
    the ability to create and maintain a grid of technological (user) coordinates.

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