Based - Google CSE PHP Search Engine Script

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    Based - Google CSE PHP Search Engine Script

    The Ultimate PHP Search Engine Script Built On Google CSE

    Based - is the ultimate PHP search engine script that relies on Google Programmable Search (formerly Google CSE) to offer certain variation of search results without the need of any API keys. By default, 6 different engines are pre-built, Web, Images, Videos, News, Torrents and Subtitles. But with Based, the possibilities are endless, as you can literally search any specific portions of the web. Using the Google CSE Dashboard you can create your own search engines, that may search a topic that you prefer. It enriches the search result page with Rich Information Card powered by the DuckDuckGo Instant Answer API. It even has same site local instant answer support for various types of queries.
    Based not only provides the search results, it displays them in an elegant and modern way, that is pleasant to the visitors. From the fully responsive layout to the full AJAX navigation support, Based speaks a design language inspired by a lot of search engines. That's why all the modern features like, Dark Mode and RTL support is
    built in.
    IMPORTANT, Search results not working all of a sudden?
    If your search engines are not showing any results, download to the latest update and at the root you will find a file named "based-engines-fix.sql". Import that file to your current installation's database. It will reset the engines with new default values.
    Or you can manually run this SQL query:
    TRUNCATE `based_engines`; INSERT INTO `based_engines` VALUES (1,'Web','68c42d53085561644',0,0,0,0,1,1601037982,1602951182),(2,'Images','954a5 6c1e00db57aa',1,0,0,0,2,1601038370,1602908385),(3,'Videos','e403897ed3d957745',0 ,1,0,0,3,1601117187,1602908385),(4,'News','b16521454a1884f6a',0,1,0,0,4,16019003 74,1602908385),(5,'Torrents','6ff7034d0894868ee',0,0,0,0,5,1601900398,1602908385 ),(6,'Subtitles','93314d2add702dbab',0,0,1,0,6,1601900422,1602908385);
    Admin Demo:
    Email: *
    Password: 123456
    Please understand that this script depends on a third party API. If a situation arrives when the API is discontinued, it will stop working. As I have no control over third party APIs, I won't be able to do anything to fix it. So before you purchase this, make sure you understand this. Thank you.
    • Searches the entire web or specific parts of the web
    • Instant answers, Real time search auto-completion, rich snippets
    • 6 Preloaded search categories, but options to add as many as you want
    • Responsive theme with built in RTL and dark-mode support
    • Fully interactive dashboard with tons of customization options
    • No API Needed
    • PHP 7.0+ - Linux/unix web-server.
    • Apache 2.4+ with mod_rewrite
    • MySQL 5.6+
    • Standard cPanel with phpmyadmin
    • cURL -PHP Extension
    • PDO-MySQL -PHP Extension
    • Mbstring -PHP Extension
    • fileinfo - PHP Extension
    Instructions A detailed documentation is bundled with the script package.


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