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    BIM Made Easy

    Jargon busting BIM theory course.

    What you'll learn
    Understanding BIM Acronyms
    Understanding how different disciplines collaborate on a BIM project
    Understanding the Common Data Environment and how it is used
    Understanding the AIDP
    Understanding the BIM Execution Plan
    Understanding the History of BIM standards in the UK
    Understanding Naming in accordance with ISO19650
    Understanding PIM and AIM
    Understanding BIM dimensions , 4D, 5D, etc
    Understanding Classification
    Understanding COBie
    Understanding IFC
    Understanding the Information Delivery cycle

    BIM Made Easy

    No course prerequisites, this course is designed for the absolute beginner.

    Building Information Modelling (BIM) if full of professional / technical jargon that confuses even people with many years' experience in construction. Learning the processes is simple when you have an understanding of what the language actually means.

    As an educator of a highly successful digital construction course, I hear confusion often from people who try to learn about digital construction and BIM. I teach many students who have graduated from courses of all levels who don't have a real understanding of what they are doing or even why they need to do it.

    This course is designed specifically to target the digital construction profession, so we can focus directly on the knowledge this industry requires right now, and in the near future. I have over 20 years experience teaching professionals who are already working in digital construction, and the knowledge taught in this series are the some of the most requested every year. If you work or plan to work in the digital construction industry as an architectural technologist, architect, BIM coordinator etc. then this course is for you.

    The lessons are designed for people with no previous knowledge of BIM, however even if you have a knowledge, and just wish to have a deeper understanding, then you will fit right in. The video lessons are theory based, however where possible I use practical demonstrations to communicate the knowledge.

    Who this course is for:
    Students from the digital construction discipline, however this course is suitable for anyone with a desire to take away the jargon and understand the BIM process.

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    Language: English | Size: 633 MB | Duration: 2h 22m

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