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    WidsMob Portrait + Portable

    WidsMob Portrait is an easy to use portrait retouching and makeup software which can help you easily beautify your portrait in simple clicks.

    WidsMob Portrait Portable

    WidsMob Portrait Key Features:
    • Wrinkle Remover
    Remove wrinkles from face naturally, tighten and smoothen face skin in easy click.
    • Skin Color Adjustment
    Adjust skin tone to correct the color to a normal skin tone or a better looking one.
    • Portrait Makeup
    Face makeup with retouching tools like eye brighten/enlargement, cheek lifting, etc.
    • Blemish/Pouch Remover
    Remove blemishes and pouch from your face for a clearer and flawless photography.
    Full Makeup Controls
    WidsMob Portrait intelligently detects and beautifies each aspect of a portrait image. Comprehensive and intuitive controls over face, eye, cheek, noise, teeth, shine, skin and more makeup aspects. The portrait retouching software also provides one click for blemishes removal and pouch removal.

    Skin Coloring Manage
    It has a sophisticated management system to improve skin texture. Besides smoothing, wrinkle removal and skin whiten, WidsMob Portrait also enables people of different colors adjust skin color tone according to their own requirements with an advanced algorithm.

    Batch Retouch Process
    The program just detects all portraits within the same image, which you can adjust each of them with different solutions. What is more important, WidsMob Portrait has the customize option to define presets with combined effects, which you can achieve the result within one click.

    Excellent Photo Quality
    Support photo beautify for both the JPEG and RAW format. Whether you take portrait images with DSLR or smartphone, you can redefine portrait retouch without any further upgrade. Of course, it also exports the portrait images to high quality files.

    Intuitive and Fast
    It has an intuitive interface to retouch portrait images. What you need to do is adjusting the parameters to get the desired results. You can directly preview the effects with the Before And After Mode. The excellent algorithm provides the wonderful effects in 4X speed.

    Windows x64 | File size: 84.2 MB

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