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    Learning AutoCAD Civil 3D for Road Design from the Scratch

    In this course you will learn a practical way of designing a realistic road using AutoCad Civil 3D.

    What you'll learn
    Independently Design Highways and Motorways using AutoCAD Civil 3D.
    Basic Concepts of Highway Design
    Creating surfaces in AutoCad Civil 3D using survey data and defining survey boundaries
    Editing the AutoCad Civil 3D surface properties and adding surface labels such as spot elevations, slope labels, and contour labels
    Designing and editing alignments in AutoCad Civil 3D and use additional labeling tools such as stationing, tangent, and curve labels
    Making a surface profile in AutoCad Civil 3D, which is dynamically linked to the existing ground
    Building assemblies and subassemblies for building corridor
    Construct a corridor model in AutoCad Civil 3D and analyze its anatomy
    Creating sample lines for design road cross-sections using AutoCad Civil 3D

    Learning AutoCAD Civil 3D for Road Design from the Scratch

    Why Chose me?

    I am a professional Engineer with degree in Transportation Engineering. Working in a multinational Consultancy Firm as a Senior Highway Design Engineer. I have been a part of many Mega projects of National and International Importance.

    As a Highway Design Engineer, AutoCAD Civil 3D is my primary design tool. I have excellently developed my skills on AutCAD Civil 3D over a period of many years, working on several Highway Design projects.

    What you will learn from this course

    After completion of this course, you will be able to independently design Highway/Roads using AutoCAD Civil 3D. You will be able to create surfaces, design horizontal and vertical alignments, corridors, cross-sections and much more.

    Which version of AutoCAD Civil 3D is used?

    I have used AutoCAD Civil 3D 2018 for recording this course but it is equally good for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2015 and later versions.

    What are exactly the points covered in this course

    This course is divided into 10 sections and there are total 34 lectures, which are listed below

    About this Course

    Understanding AutoCAD Civil 3D User Interface

    Editing Drawing Settings

    Importing / Creating Point Data

    Editing Points

    Exporting Points

    Points Display Management

    Adding User Defined Properties to Points

    Editing Label Style Defaults

    Description Keys

    Creating Point Groups

    Editing Point Groups

    Overview of Surfaces

    Creating Surface

    Adding Data to Surface using Point Files

    Adding Data to Surface using Contours

    Adding Data to Surface using Points Group

    Labelling Surfaces

    Overview of Alignments

    Creating Alignment from a Polyline

    Creating Alignment Using Alignment Creation Tool

    Alignment Labels and Label Styles

    Editing Alignments

    Overview of Profiles

    Creating Surface Profile and Profile Views

    Creating Design Profile

    Profile Labels and Label Styles

    Editing Profiles

    Creating Assemblies and Subassemblies

    Editing Assemblies and Subassemblies

    Creating Corridors

    Editing Corridors and Corridors Properties

    Creating Sample Lines

    Creating Cross Sections

    The course is easy to follow; all of the resources needed are posted in the course content. What are you waiting for ! register now.

    Who this course is for

    Transportation Engineering Students

    Civil Engineering Students

    Urban Engineering Students

    Engineers working in Highway and Roads Industry


    Who this course is for
    Civil Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Urban Engineering Students
    Engineers working in Highway and Roads Industry

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    Language: English | Size: 1.57 GB | Duration: 2h 8m


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