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    The Autocad Civil 3D Course | BIM

    Learn Autocad Civil 3D software, managing topography data, designing roads and generating quantitative data.

    What you'll learn
    Understand how Civil 3D works in a real project

    Autodesk Civil 3D Software

    The Autocad Civil 3D Course | BIM

    In this AutocadCivil 3D course, you will learn to use the main and most diverse tools of Autocad Civil 3D while developing a real project from scratch.

    With this course, you will go from the first opening of the program to the generation of quantitative tables, going through all the configurations and stages of a project to build a road in a terrain, learning to use the most varied tools that the software offers , always in line with BIM's good practices.

    This is a 100% practice-oriented course, in which the teacher guides students through the execution of a real project in the correct way. Students learn to work correctly with the software, learning in practice the best practices of Building Information Modeling.

    At the end of the course, you will be able to handle the insertion of topography data, managing and generating terrain in the software. From there, you will be able to carry out advanced configurations for the construction project of a road, gathering data on the need for land management (cutting and embankment), survey of useful quantities for planning and executing the project in an assertive way.

    Become a valued professional disputed in the market, mastering one of the most important and required tools of Building Information Modeling.

    Who this course is for

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