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    Civil Engineering Drawings Fundamentals

    Principles of Civil Engineering Drawings

    What you'll learn
    Different Projections and 2-D views
    Basics of Civil Engineering Drawings
    Steel Drawings
    Drawings of Retaining Walls
    Drawings for Irrigation Structures

    Civil Engineering Drawings Fundamentals

    This course teaches the very basics of how to draw 2D drawings in Civil Engineering. It goes through choosing the scale of different drawings for Elevations, Side Views and Plans. It shows how to draw Earth Works and Structures in contact with Earth and The Soil.

    It shows how to draw steel structures, the bolted and welded connections and shows some complicated steel structures and details. There are many examples for steel structures.

    The course also shows different drawings for Irrigation Structures. Different 2D views are shown and the interaction between. Concrete, Masonry and the earth is clearly shown. This course is usually taught at the first and second years of an Engineering college for civil engineering students. Prerequisites for this course is having a high school degree. Hoping that the course will make us better civil Engineers. This course in addition to the previously published Civil Engineering courses on my UDEMY page should offer a very good base for Engineering students as well as for practicing Engineers who like to review Civil Engineering subjects. I am planning to offer this course in one part only unless the circumstances force me to do otherwise. Hoping you will get the best out of this Course. Finally, even if you're using AutoCAD or any other drawing software this course will be very beneficial to you.

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