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    Bentley OpenRail 2021

    OpenRail Designer ENG+RUS
    OpenRail ConceptStation
    OpenRail Overhead Line Designer

    Bentley OpenRail - Rail design and maintenance software.

    Bentley OpenRail 2021

    Design and monitor rail infrastructure in line with industry practices to improve productivity and save time. Use versatile software to design railways according to industry and design standards. Consideration of vertical and horizontal track geometry, creation of 3D models for analysis and visualization, creation of cost reports and preparation of project documentation.

    OpenRail ConceptStation.
    Create conceptual track designs including track geometry, electrification, tunnels, and bridges, and compare options during the planning and bidding stages. Design more efficiently, identify high-risk items, and minimize costs.

    OpenRail Designer
    OpenRail Designer introduces a new, comprehensive modeling environment for streamlined project delivery of rail network assets. This environment unifies design and construction from concept through commissioning and completion.

    OpenRail Overhead Line Designer
    Introduces 3D technologies into the world of overhead catenary systems, taking the implementation of workflows beyond traditional planning by developing digital twins that collect information about assets throughout their entire life cycle.

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