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    Structural Steel Member Design with a Practical Example

    Structural Steel Member Design Course with a Practical Example as per Australian Standard ( AS4100)

    Structural Steel Member Design with a Practical Example

    What you'll learn
    Structural steel member design due to any type of load applied to the member such as compression loads, tension loads, uni-axial and bi-axial bending moments, shear forces as well as combined actions such as bending + axial load and bending + shear force
    Learn about key points of steel member design which you need to know if you are seeking to work in industry
    Good understanding of Australian Steel Structures Standard, AS4100
    Practical example of a full steel member design

    Being familiar with the basics of structural steel design and structural analysis

    Working in industry can be very challenging due to the gap between academic education and industry. You need to be quick and efficient and at the same, you need to have a good understanding of the theory behind the so many formulas you are trying to solve. For this reason, I have created this course to give you the ability to connect the theory to the final solution.

    In this course I will start with an overview of code and design method in Australian Steel Structures standard, AS4100.

    Then we will look at the most important parts of the theory of different actions that can be applied on a steel member which are compression loads, tension loads, uniaxial and biaxial bending moments, shear forces as well as combined actions such as bending + axial load, and bending + Shear force for a full steel member design

    we will also look at the theory and the practical aspects of every formula and will give you the key points to consider which I have learnt during my work in the industry.

    Finally, we will go through a real-life example together to give you the skills required for a full practical steel member design.

    By the end of this course, you will be able to do a full steel member design similar to what a professional engineer does in the Australian industry.

    Who this course is for
    This course has been designed for any engineers who are starting their career in structural engineering in Australia and want to get a practical knowledge to be able to use in the work place or anyone who is looking to refresh their knowledge in steel as well as structural engineering students who want to learn more about how we use these formulas in real world.

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