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    Electrical Machines | Complete Guide on DC Machines

    Make your Electrical Machines (DC Machines) concepts crystal clear. Learn everything about DC generator & DC motor.

    Electrical Machines | Complete Guide on DC Machines

    What you'll learn
    Clear understanding of DC generator & DC Motor
    Understanding the working & construction of DC machines
    Concept of Armature Reaction & it's effect
    Getting familiar with the different types of DC generator & motor and their characteristics
    Clearing the difficult concepts with ease like commutation process
    Understanding the speed control & braking methods of DC Motor
    Getting familiar with the Losses in DC machines

    Looking to fix your electric machines basics? Want to understand DC machines crystal clear and in the easiest language? If yes, then this course is for you. By the end of this course, your DC machines concepts will be clearer to you than others. You'll not only understand the concepts but, you'll master the DC machines i.e. DC Generator & DC Motor both.

    Understanding DC machines is very important. This creates the base for other electrical machines as well like Transformer or Induction motors, etc. This course mainly focuses in clearing the concepts. Many of the books are exam oriented and it can be difficult for many people to clear the concepts only using the books. This course is designed & organised in such a way that, it makes the understanding very easy, as we'll learn concepts step by step in the proper manner.

    Upon completion of this course, you'll have ..

    Working knowledge about DC Generator & Motor

    EMF Equation (for generator) & Back EMF (for motor)

    Complete understanding of Armature reaction,

    Clear understanding of commutation process

    Types of DC Generator & Motor and their characteristics

    Speed control methods of DC Motor

    Starters & Braking methods

    Losses in DC machines, etc

    Who this course is for ?

    Electrical Diploma Students

    BE or B-tech Students (Electrical Engineering)

    ME or M-tech students

    Students preparing for different exams (GATE, State Utility, etc)


    Electrical/Machines enthusiast

    Who this course is for
    Diploma students
    Electrical Engineering Students
    ME or M-tech students

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