SpeedTree Games 9.0.0 x64 Enterprise

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    SpeedTree Games 9.0.0 x64 Enterprise

    Bring your vision to life with the intuitive SpeedTree Games modeler, featuring procedural generators and a cutting-edge photogrammetry workflow that converts real scans to customizable models. Match concept art with freehand art tools, grow assets around any obstacle, and optimize LODs.

    SpeedTree Games


    Intuitive Editing
    Make fast manual edits with the artist-centered Freehand Mode. Sculpt, paint, draw, and fine-tune vertices to match your bold creative visions.

    Photogrammetry Conversion
    Build high-performance models with all the beauty and realism of photogrammetry scans. Use the new Mesh Converter to capture textures, convert trunks to procedural models, and extend scans with SpeedTree geometry.

    Powerful Performance
    Manage complex wind, LODs, and rendering on a massive scale. Next-gen performance and easy integrations are built right in.

    Living Assets
    Shop the SpeedTree Library to find expertly researched, dynamic models. Each model is fully equipped with infinite randomization, seasonal changes, and wind animations.

    File Size: 764 MB


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