midas Design+ 2021 v3.1 x64

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    midas Design+ 2021 v3.1 x64

    midas Design is a Unit Member design Software developed by MIDAS. It caters to the design needs of the engineers for quick and efficient design of various building components such as beams, columns, stair case, steel connections, slabs, basement walls, footings etc. After obtaining the design results and the detailing, the engineers can also obtain the AUTOCAD drawings for the designed items. The user can easily perform the parametric study by easily modifying the design parameters and cross section.

    midas Design+ 2021 v3.1 x64

    File "DPLUS_db.dll" in "patched" folder is corrupted.
    You can find the correct "DPLUS_db.dll" file in the previous post --> MIDAS Information Technology midas Gen 2021 v3.1 x32 | Design+ module patch added.
    Use this one and everything should be O.K.

    this is more stable 64-bit release except the previous 32-bit Gen module

    Size: 152 MB

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    No pude instalar, lo lograron, por favor me podrían decir como lo hicieron. Salud


      I could not install, they managed it, please could you tell me how they did it. Cheers

        موجود التعليمات التالية في الملف
        أول مرة يطلع errore
        وقفت المكافح اشتغل
        طلب اسم مستخدم وكلمة مرور
        كتبت الموجود تحت يقول خطأ

        Instructions: Unrar and install the app.
        Replace original .dll with the patched one.
        Once run the app as admin.
        Name: lavteam.org
        Password: B6580437-972C18FF-9119F7C9-21703E30
        Choose option 'Help ->
        -> Register Protection License'
        Choose 'Hardware Lock' option.
        Input any 16 digits as a Key Number and
        press OK button.
        NOTE in doubt about 'Attempted an unsupported
        operation' (Design+ error) just read:

          You removed my post. The installation was tested on 4 computers (configured). Software does not work! Thank you.

            البرنامج يعمل وبكل امكانياته شكر لكم

              تسلم ايدك مديرنا الكريم


                password problem was fixed.

                  Hello Sir,
                  How was the password problem was fixed?
                  do we have to download the whole file again?

                    Originally posted by WILSON عرض المشاركة
                    Hello Sir,
                    How was the password problem was fixed?
                    do we have to download the whole file again?
                    The file has been uploaded again from the source and there is no information what has changed.

                    If you still having problem, download the file again please.