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    Structures design: Pile foundation design

    Pile foundation design and counstrction

    What you'll learn
    Types of foundations
    Deep foundations
    Pile working mechanism
    Geotechnical investigation
    Cast in-situ pile construction
    stresses on pile concrete under axial working load
    Pile skin resistance calculation
    Pile End bearing resistance calculation
    Effects of pile group on pile bearing capacity
    Factor of safety
    Field verification of pile capacity
    Estimation of flexural moment for piles
    Estimation of shear force for piles
    Longitudinal reinforcement for piles
    Shear reinforcement for piles

    Structures design: Pile foundation design

    This course will discuss the design of pile foundations. We will learn the methods of calculating the pile bearing capacity. The bearing capacity for a pile consists of skin and end bearing resistance. Here you will understand how to calculate the skin and end bearing resistance. Also, we will discuss the effects of the pile group on pile individual bearing capacity. We will determine the impact of pile group on individual pile bearing capacity and the amount of reduction of pile bearing capacity. Also, we will discuss the safety factor for pile design and the acceptable ranges for the safety factor.

    The second part of the course will discuss the type of foundations; in general, we have two types of foundation. Shallow and deep foundations. Here we will concentrate on deep foundations. Deep foundations are classified into driven and cast-in-situ piles. Cast-in-situ piles are constructed at filed by the drilling borehole in the existing ground, then filling the borehole with reinforcement and concrete. We will discuss the method of constructing cast-in-situ piles in detail. Furthermore, this course will discuss the geotechnical investigation, the importance of the geotechnical investigation, and tests conducted on the soil to determine soil bearing capacity.

    The third part of this course will discuss the methods of estimating the flexural moment and shear force for piles. You will learn here how to calculate the flexural moment over the full length of the piles. Similarly, we will learn how to determine the shear force over the entire length of a pile. Furthermore, we will learn how to determine the amount of longitudinal or flexural reinforcement based on the maximum moment we computed. Also, we will learn how to determine the shear reinforcement for piles. in general, spirals are used as a shear reinforcement for piles.

    Who this course is for
    Persons who are interested in construction and pile foundation design

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