MIDAS GTS NX 2021 v1.1

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    MIDAS Information Technology GTS NX 2021 v1.1 x64

    midas GTS NX is a software package designed for complex geotechnical calculations. GTS NX features a modern user-friendly interface and a powerful and fast Solver with 64-bit and GPU support. With GTS NX you will be able to perform the most complex calculations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    MIDAS Information Technology GTS NX 2021 v1.1 x64

    GTS NX allows you to generate a hybrid finite element mesh that uses the optimal combination of hexahedral and tetrahedral elements. The main advantage of using hexahedral elements is that they provide more accurate stress-strain results than tetrahedral elements. And the advantage of using tetrahedral elements is that they are more effective for modeling sharp bends and corners of complex geometry. GTS NX is capable of using both tetrahedral and hexahedral element types without any significant loss in simulation or calculation speed.

    Size: 2.28 GB


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