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    Etabs-professional Rc Building Design


    What you'll learn
    Learners can able to Apply IS provisions and computational tool in structural design & detailing.
    Learners can able to Prepare detailed drawings and bar bending schedule of column, footing, slab, beams, staircase.
    Learners can able to learn the modelling and design of multy storey structures in the Etabs software.
    Learners can able to export the software design results to excel and cross verify with the excel design sheet as per IS code provisions

    Etabs-professional Rc Building Design

    Basic civil engineering knowledge is sufficient. No experience is required. Everything will be explained in the course.

    1. Planning and Drafting the Residential , Commercial and Industrial buildings in the Auto-cad software.
    2. Understanding and reading the architectural plan and preparing the basic information.
    3. Developing the center line diagram of the beams and columns for all the floors (PLINTH BEAM AND ROOF BEAMS OF ALL THE FLOORS) corresponding given architectural plan.
    4. Learning the modelling, defining the materials, sections, assigning the materials and sections, analyzing the structure, designing in ETABS software.
    5. Preparation of the Excel sheet as per IS code provisions for designing the individual structural members-Footing, column, beam, slab, staircase, retaining wall etc.
    6. Exporting the software design results to excel and comparing it with the design excel sheet prepared.
    7. Grouping of beams, columns, footings and slabs based on the loading and members dimensions.
    8. Obtaining the final design results and deciding the final dimensions of beams, columns, slabs and footings.
    9. Preparing the Detailed drawings as per the IS code provisions to execute in the site.
    10. Preparation of bar bending schedule.
    -Drawing a plan of a residential building.[Framed structure, G+1, minimum of 1200sft].
    -Drawing beam layout of plinth, ground floor and first floor.
    -Drawing column layout for the above plan.[Use of proper grid lines with proper column numbering.]
    -Modeling the above structure using ETABS.[Modelling, analyzing and designing].
    -Analysis of above model.[Applying appropriate analysis techniques, Exporting column reactions for foundation design.]
    -Design and Detailing of Isolated footing.[Column and Footing grouping, Design one typical isolated footing, & foundation layout.].
    -Detailed drawing of Column & foundation.
    -Preparing bar bending schedule.
    -Detailed drawing of Plinth beam.
    -Preparing bar bending schedule.
    -Detailed drawing of ground floor beam.
    -Preparing bar bending schedule.
    -Detailed drawing of ground floor slab.
    -Preparing bar bending schedule.
    -Design and Detailing of first floor beam and slab.
    -Preparing bar bending schedule.
    -Design and Detailing of dog legged stair case and landing beam.
    -Preparing bar bending schedule.
    Who this course is for
    Civil Engineering Students.
    Civil Engineering Graduates.
    Diplomo Students and Graduates

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