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    Became expert in plumbing designing

    Advance MEP : plumbing using revit

    What you'll learn
    Able to design water supply system
    became Expert in Revit and MC Query
    project scheduling
    BOQ and scheduiling

    Became expert in plumbing designing

    This is advance level course of plumbing. in this course students can learn about Designing of plumbing system. This course cover all about plumbing distribution system, supply system & drainage system . we can also cover advance topics of plumbing designing like solar plumbing, green plumbing swimming pool, pipe sizing and many other calculations.

    Revit is one of the best software to Design plumbing system because in Revit we can Design plumbing in 3D and also generate Report and calculate frication losses of pipes, valves, fittings and Elbows. in Revit we can Design cold water supply system, hot water supply system ,sewerage system and Drainage system in 3D and we can also create plumbing Fixture so in this course you can learn about Revit.

    Another tool that we can use in this course was MC query Pipe sizer this was one of the best to Find friction losses of pipe, velocity of fluid etc and with the help of MC query Pipe sizer we can find head of pump

    we can also use some other tool Pipe Flow Expert software this was one of The best tool for creating single line Diagram and finding Head.

    course content

    Plumbing Introduction

    Water Distribution System

    Types Of water Distribution System

    Types Of water Supply System

    Water tank

    Water consumption Calculations

    Tank sizing

    piping and Types of piping

    Valves and there types

    Pumps and types of pump

    water supply fixture unit calculations

    minor losses of pipe

    major losses of pipe

    pump head calculations through charts

    Mcquery pipe sizer

    practical Project using Revit MEP

    storage Tank in revit calculations

    cold water supply system

    hot water supply system

    Drainage system calculations

    Drainage system Calculation using Revit

    Who this course is for
    civil,mechanical and elrctrical engineering

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    Language: English | Size: 1.32 GB | Duration: 3h 3m


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