Aldec ALINT-PRO 2021.09

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    Aldec ALINT-PRO 2021.09

    Aldec, Inc., a pioneer in mixed HDL language simulation and hardware-assisted verification for FPGA and ASIC designs, has launched ALINT-PRO 2021.09 is design rule checking (DRC) tool, which decreases development time dramatically by identifying design issues early in the development schedule.

    Aldec ALINT-PRO 2021.09

    ALINT-PRO is a design verification solution for RTL code written in VHDL, Verilog, and SystemVerilog, which is focused on verifying coding style and naming conventions, RTL and post-synthesis simulation mismatches, smooth and optimal synthesis, correct FSM descriptions, avoiding problems on further design stages, clocks and reset tree issues, CDC, RDC, DFT, and coding for portability and reuse. The solution performs static analysis based on RTL and SDC source files uncovering critical design issues early in the design cycle, which in turn reduces design signoff time dramatically. Running ALINT-PRO before the RTL simulation and logic synthesis phases prevents design issues spreading into the downstream stages of design flow and reduces the number of iterations required to finish the design.

    ​Modern Xilinx designs are quite complex and often involve IP blocks. While Vivado can provide basic DRC methodologies and CDC Checks, debugging the results can be difficult. Importing your Xilinx Vivado designs into Aldec's ALINT-PRO would be particularly useful to prevent mistakes in early design stages, and the flow is much quicker as it would avoid low-level synthesis and optimization.​

    Established in 1984, Aldec is an industry leader in Electronic Design Verification and offers a patented technology suite including: RTL Design, RTL Simulators, Hardware-Assisted Verification, SoC and ASIC Prototyping, Design Rule Checking, CDC Verification, IP Cores, High-Performance Computing Platforms, Embedded Development Systems, Requirements Lifecycle Management, DO-254 Functional Verification and Military/Aerospace solutions.

    release info:

    Product: Aldec ALINT-PRO
    Version: 2021.09.1933 *
    Supported Architectures: x64
    Languages Supported: english
    System Requirements: PC **

    Aldec ALINT-PRO 2021.09 | 879 mb

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